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Jewell's Jelly & Jams


Jelly & Jam

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"The Baskin Robbins of Jelly." -Anonymous Customer

"You should take this Pro." -R. Johnson

"My wife and I traveled the world...eating in many fine places...including as members of the US Embassy Association Dining Clubs. We've been to the Far East, Europe, the Middle East, the Carribean...and others...and we've had some good jellies and jams...particularly in Great Britain. That said...your jellies and jams...are simply the very BEST we've ever had...period. And, the variety with the combinations you marvelous!" P.Roach

Featured on Cen Tex Eats:

"Recently, I relished a day in the sun with family and we visited Bluebonnet Fest in Burnet. So many amazing vendors. One such vendor was Jewell's Jelly & Jams, a charming cottage food producer from Leander!

Now, when I say I’m a picky jam, jelly and preserve eater it might be a bit of an understatement. I need a good balance of sweet and tangy. I want to TASTE the fruit but still satisfy my desire for sweet…but not like dessert sweet. I like pulp but it’s not required, but if there IS pulp I don’t want huge chunks.

Jewell more than satisfied my requirements!

From the boastful selection of jars I selected peach cobbler, pecan pie and apple pie. Let’s get to why you are here!

Peach cobbler: sweet with a solid peach flavor. Slight tang but not overpowering. The consistency was a tad thicker than I like, however, it was easy to spread on my toast allowing for no messy drips and an even spread without the fear of my bread getting soggy.

Apple pie: the perfect amount of spice that will leave you wondering if you should add a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Nice, smooth apple flavor. Again, spot on with the sweet to fruit balance. Great spreadability. It really hit its marks!

Pecan pie: since childhood (we harvested 100 acres of pecan trees every year as a family) pecan pie has been my absolute favorite. I don’t get it often anymore and anyone who has made one from scratch knows why. This jam was the BOMB! Heaven in a jar! Nice bits of pecan for a pleasant texture change. Sweet. Nutty. Memorable! This jelly delivered a knock out for sure.

I have already picked out several more flavors from her website and am eager to taste some of her whiskey and bourbon creations…as is my husband!

If you are interested in a unique variety you should definitely check out the website!" - O.Campbell

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