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Jewell's Jelly & Jams

A Homemade Artisan Jelly & Jam shop

-   ABOUT US  -

I'm a wife of an adoring and supportive husband, mother to two beautiful little girls, and a Paramedic in Austin, Tx. When I was a little girl my brother and I would help my grandfather pick wild Mustang Grapes from vines on the side of the road in the Texas Hill Country. He would then magically turn it into the most delicious grape jelly you have ever tasted. It really was magic because Mustang Grapes are highly acidic and bitter. Plus, I hated store bought grape jelly and that fact has never changed. That grape jelly was the most fabulous thing I had ever tasted! After my grandfather got too old to make the jelly anymore, my dad and I carried on the tradition. I hope to share this tradition with my daughters when they are a bit older. My love for simple cooking, foraging the Texas roadsides, and of course, JELLY, is what inspired me to start this business. I really enjoy experimenting with flavor combinations, as well as using what nature has given us freely. Some of my ingredients, including Mustang Grapes, come from my yard, my family and neighbors yards, or the side of the Texas highways. Not all of my experimentation turns into something amazing but most of the time it yields amazingly delicious results. My jellies and jams are truly made with love and a really big boiling pot.  I also make Pecan brittle and Pecan pralines from time to time and will have Farm Fresh Eggs for sale once my "freeloaders" start producing them. 

In addition to my passion for making jelly, I also love to crochet and sew and have an Etsy shop solely devoted to those endeavors. Please visit my shop at:

Due to Texas Cottage Law I cannot ship my items and I cannot sell online. My business is soley based on word of mouth and social media at this point. If you love my products please leave a comment below and share with others so that I may continue to grow my business locally...and then who knows where it may go. If you have a complaint, please email me directly so that I may address it promptly. Thanks!! -AJ

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